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    It just wouldn’t be Halloween without some Pierrot, right?

    Here is the opening of Schoenberg’s spooky suite, recorded live last year with Tricia Park, Jay Campbell, Emi Ferguson, James T. Shields, recent wcfsymphony guest Conor Hanick and Meagan Brus as the moondrunk clown.

    The wine that one drinks with one’s eyes
    Is poured down in waves by the moon at night,
    And a tide overflows
    The silent horizon.

    Lusts, thrilling and sweet,
    Float numberless through the waters!
    The wine that one drinks with one’s eyes
    Is poured down in waves by the moon at night.

    The poet, urged on by his devotions,
    Becomes intoxicated with the sacred beverage,
    Enraptured, he turns his head toward heaven
    And, staggering, sucks and sips
    The wine that one drinks with one’s eyes.

    Whole work is so fucking creepy


  2. it-is-exactly-what-it-looks-like:

    Let me tell you about a Russian composer by the name of Igor Stravinsky. When this piece was first performed at the Theatre de Champs Elysee in Paris in 1913, people were so distraught by this new sound, that it caused an outright RIOT. People stomping their feet in disgust, fights breaking out, yelling everywhere. At one point, a woman literally spat in the face of a demonstrator. And you know what? This man revolutionized the classical genre and what people thought it should and should not be. People who watched the original performance of La Sacre du printemps claimed it to be “a blasphemous attempt to destroy music as an art form.” What a lot of people don’t know, is that it’s fame would later be “enhanced by a place in Walt Disney’s Fantasia (1940)” that’s right, La Sacre du printemps was IN FANTASTASIA. How’s THAT for influential people?


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    Song has grown on me


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    Backyard - Travi$ Scott

  6. You guys been to Florida?

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    i love weekends in college cause you just wake up at like 2pm chill for a few hours have dinner then go out again


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